‘Midnight Snack’ Brian VENTH

Photographer: Brian VENTH @brianventh

Model: Sadie Stikk @sadiestikk


INP-MAG is proud to present ‘Midnight Snack’ by the legend that is Brian VENTH featuring the awesome Sadie Stikk. We adore this series and hope you guys love it as much as we do, to let you know are few cool bits about the shoot, we plagiarised this from Brian’s website:

Sadie contacted me via my Instagram account near the start of my US trip. She had a very alternative look which is not my usual style of model but we kicked around ideas and she was really down to create some unique and artistic concepts and I couldn’t seem to throw an idea at her which was too crazy so of course I said yes to a shoot with her!

In the end we officially started the shoot around midnight but we ended up getting some cool stuff. All in all meeting Sadie was an adventure in and of itself, I would have been happy with just our dinner and the adventure around LA but the cool sets we shot were a bonus too! I think the moral of the story here is that you should just go with the flow on things as you never know where it may lead.

Also be sure to check out the behind she scenes video of the shoot at the bottom of the shoot!

Midnight Snack - Brian VENTH-15 Midnight Snack - Brian VENTH-3 Midnight Snack - Brian VENTH-1 Midnight Snack - Brian VENTH-13 Midnight Snack - Brian VENTH-5 Midnight Snack - Brian VENTH-7 Midnight Snack - Brian VENTH-8 Midnight Snack - Brian VENTH-12

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