‘Deconstruction’ James Beddoes


Photographer: James Beddoes @jamesbeddoesphoto

Model: Becky Holt @beckylocoholt

Welcome to the first editorial for INP-MAG, we hope you enjoy it! ‘Deconstruction’ was photographed by UK based photographer James Beddoes, we asked him to tell us a few words about the shoot.

“This was my first time shooting with Becky, I had been a fan or her work for years and was pretty intimidated by the quality of people she had shot with before. So, the aim of the shoot was for me to create something different as well as something that felt in some way real and natural. The shoot started as normal, I went to Becky’s house and we shot some cool images, things were going well but Becky had the idea of doing the shoot without any make-up or styling. I documented the process as she deconstructed the Becky Holt image and we did the rest of the shoot without having to live up to that ideal, something she had never done before.” – James Beddoes

DSC_0168 Becky HoltBecky HoltBecky Holt Becky HoltDSC_0323Becky Holt Becky HoltBecky HoltDSC_0525Becky Holt Becky Holt

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