‘Bear Behind’ James Beddoes

Photographer: James Beddoes @jamesbeddoesphoto
Model: Sho Haze @peagrrl

Hey guys, we have an awesome new shoot for you today from one of our regular contributors, James Beddoes, with his regular contributor Sho Haze. We Love Sho, her distinctive style and look makes everything she does an artistic statement, and we at INP are all about that shit! So it’s such a pleasure to finally feature one of her shoots!

James had this to say about the shoot!

“Growing up we are all subjected to images of all kinds, these images stick with us and shape the way we see the world. Throughout my life the images I was most subjected to was a box of family photos from the 70’s up until the 90’s, these images always filled me with emotions, with the harsh flash, grainy texture and intimate feel, they where documents of time spent and life lived. these images were never about technical skill, they were about capturing a moment that will never be repeated, this is something I want people to feel with my images! I don’t want people to look at my images as see a model posing for the camera, I want it to be a document of the time we spent together.”

“Sho and I have work together multiple times now, so we are at a point where we are comfortable enough with each other to avoid taking the bullshit images. We can just be natural and capture genuine moments in time, Sho is always open and real in her images, hopefully this is something that translates into this series!”

JAM_1442 JAM_1491 JAM_1511b JAM_1517b JAM_1520 JAM_2111 JAM_2142 JAM_2032 JAM_2000 JAM_2058b JAM_2061b JAM_2051 JAM_2045b JAM_2050 JAM_2150 JAM_2153 JAM_2172 JAM_2193 Sho Haze, James Beddoes


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